When is it Worth It to Buy Premium WordPress Plugins?

When is it Worth It to Buy Premium WordPress Plugins

We are often asked by users when is it worth investing in this premium WordPress plugin? One of the main reasons why WordPress is a popular website builder in the world is that it gives you access to thousands of free and paid plugins (also known as premium WordPress plugins). In this article, we will describe when premium or paid WordPress plugins are worth buying.

When is this premium wordpress plugin worth buying

What are premium WordPress plugins?

Premium Plugins is the paid version of WordPress plugins that come with additional features, priority support, documentation and regular updates.

You can learn more about WordPress plugins by reading our beginner’s guide on what WordPress plugins are and how they work.

WordPress has become the most popular blogging platform in the world as it has a healthy ecosystem of both free and paid plugins. At the time of writing this article, the WordPress.org directory has over 55,000 free plugins available. You can use these free plugins to use various features without paying anyone.

Free wordpress plugins

Often beginners are surprised at how WordPress makes money when plugins are free. Well, WordPress does not own all these plugins.

Since WordPress is open-source, most of these free plugins are written by third-party developers who want to give back to the WordPress community and build a brand for themselves, so they can get more client-work. Can.

But the point is that like any other software, WordPress plugins also need to be properly maintained and updated. Although individual developers are not required to offer support, most of them go above and beyond to help users and even add new features as requested.

As you can imagine, all these things take a lot of time and resources. Plug-in authors are often unable to give proper attention to free plugins as they gain a large user base.

For some plugin developers, it becomes difficult to take time away from their work and personal lives to maintain a free product for a long time.

This is where premium WordPress plugins come in.

For a small license fee, you get dedicated support, guaranteed updates, and access to premium features. The license fee provides a steady income to plugin writers, so they can improve the product and devote more time to growing their WordPress plugin business.

On the other hand, it gives you, the customer, a more sophisticated product with reliable support and updates.

That being said, talk about whether you should consider buying a premium WordPress plugin.

Are Premium WordPress Plugins Worth The Money?

If you have read our guide on controlling the cost of a WordPress website, then you will know that we are not a fan of unnecessary expenses.

We believe that most beginners can control their costs by using free WordPress plugins whenever they want. There are free versions for many of the best WordPress plugins on the market. The following are some examples of great premium WordPress plugins that offer free or lite versions.

WPForms Lite is the best free contact form plugin.

MonsterInsights Lite – Free version helps you easy to install Google Analytics in WordPress.

Yoast SEO – The best free WordPress SEO plugin.

WooCommerce – WordPress Ecommerce plugin to start an online store.

SeedProd – The best one soon page and maintenance mode plugin.

However as your website or business grows, you want access to more features, priority support, and reliable plugins that you can count on for regular updates.

To help you decide, we have included among the top reasons that justify investing in premium WordPress plugins.

1. Solution specific WordPress plugins

Specific Symptoms

There are some WordPress plugin categories that cater to very specific solutions. For example, building a membership website or selling online courses is a difficult task.

Free plugins alone cannot do justice to these complex solutions. Even if you find a free plugin for the job, you will have the possibility to buy paid Adonas to support your business.

If you are building a website that requires very specific / advanced functionality, then you’d be better off with the premium WordPress plugin.

2. Advanced Features

advanced features

While there are free plugins for most basic functions, you will only find advanced features in paid plugins. The main reason for this is that building and maintaining advanced facilities takes a lot of resources.

For example, while WPForms Lite is the most beginner-friendly WordPress contact form plugin, the Pro version of WPForms comes with advanced features such as user registration forms, surveys and surveys, payment forms, and more.

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