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Note: The Teen patti joy app does not allow players from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Telangana, Sikkim, Odisha, Karnataka to use and play due to government policies.

2. Install and Open the App.

3. You will be auto logged in into the app.

4. Now Tap on User icon.

5. Click on binding button.

6. Enter your Phone Number, Password and Click on send OTP.

7. Enter your OTP and the create Account.

8. You have now created your account.

9. Check you wallet and you can see 51rs as Signup bonus in your account.

Add money to your Teen patti joy account from your bank account. I will recommend you to add at least 1001 rupees. So that you have more capital in the game and easier to win.

Once you add the money, .Choose “Dragon VS Tiger“.

Bet on Either “Dragon” or “Tiger” with Rs. 10.

Suppose you bet on “Tiger”

If you won, You will get 10 x 1.95 = 19.5 rupees. But if “Dragon” wins, Again bet on the Tiger by rupees 10 + 20 = Rs. 30.

If this time you win, you will get ₹30 x 1.95 = ₹58.5

But If you again doesn’t win and continue losing, bet like below strategy, which is the famous strategy for winning for sure!

Game skills:

  1. Bet: 10₹
  2. Bet: 30₹
  3. Bet: 70₹
  4. Bet: 150₹
  5. Bet: 350₹
  6. Bet: 800₹
  7. Bet: 1700₹
  8. Bet: 3600₹
    If this board draws a “tie”, the amount of this investment will be refunded, and this amount will continue to be used in the next game.

So, You have learned that how you can earn money daily by using teen patti rummy app. Let’s ee, How to withdraw money from Teen patti joy app to Bank account.

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Teen Patti Joy is an Rummy and Teen Patti Card Gaming app which contains many other Card games like i have already written above in this article you can go through this you must buy VIP to get extra bonus from your referrals and daily login bonus as well.

Why Teen Patti Joy ?

You should try Teen Patti Joy App because of their high rewards programs they will make you earn from many ways like they have daily login bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus and referrals bonus as well including more than 15 games available to Play and Win.

Teen Patti Joy Legal in India

According to Indian law Gambling is not allowed in India but such games like rummy, ludo, fantasy gaming these types of games are legal and can play such games without any fear.

Teen Patti Joy Payment

Teen Patti Joy Offers you to withdraw your income instantly and when you withdraw your income it will arive in your account within 2 mins.

The minimum withdrawal is Just Rs.100 and You can withdraw using Bank Account and UPI .

Teep Patti Joy Referral Program

You can invite as many as people you can at Teen Patti Joy App and Your referrals will get Rs.41 as registration bonus and you will earn 30% of their tax amount lifetime.

You will also earn weekly bonus by inviting your friends.

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